Brain piknic

Fuck off!!!..screamed the tripped up nerves that wound the brain like umbilical cords. All the seven wild horses of the mind strutted and galloped through out the flashy night. They constantly changed forms and slyly slithered  in and out through  the brain and skin and heart and blood, precisely ,like hissing pythons with icy scales. At an unpredictable point of the moment, the body travelled across a million time frames. Mesmerised was the mind, with swift passing of each door frame. Each door dawned in a hundred realisations . The  mind after an adventure quenched it’s thirst with the flashy lights which flowed in like springs from the great valley after which it was caught between the hurricanes of sexuality and spirituality. With a deep sigh , the mind saw the union of the two mamothic swirls in the wind . The terrible impregnation bore the fruit of religion..Fuck off ! Screamed the tripped up nerves. Like brave warriors ,it fought all meagre insecurities that forged in the darkest shadows  over its pristine mind..


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